A short night in Anchorage, Alaska

After a long day of travel to Anchorage, Alaska on July 12th, we were greeted by the setting sun as our plane landed at 11:00 PM.   By the time we retrieved luggage and made it to our hotel, it was right at midnight, but the sunset colors were still vivid and begged for photography.   We were way too tired to set up for a clear shot and settled for trying to handhold our cameras through our hotel window, so we don’t have great pictures.  Nevertheless, you can get an idea of how beautiful the evening sky can be up here.   I checked the Web for sunrise and sunset azimuth and discovered that for our date, the sun sets at about 323 degrees, right in the Northwest then rises at 37 degrees in the Northeast at about 4:47.   From late June through about July 4th, even though the sun goes below the horizon, Anchorage only experience civil twilight, which means there is still enough sunlight to see without artificial lighting.   By the time we arrived, the sun was already setting 20 minutes earlier than the longest days, just a couple weeks earlier.

Midnight in Anchorage Alaska on July 12, 2018
Sunrise Anchorage Alaska, July 13, 2018, 4:48 AM

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