Number 9

We are in London, thanks to an invitation by one of the granddaughters to be here for her high school band performance in the New Year’s Day parade.

I was reminded of the “Number 9” song from the Beatles White Album when we were told to take the Number 9 to get to Harrod’s Department Store from our hotel. 

The song has nothing to do with bus route 9, other than, you know, Beatles, London, but that is what stuck in my head.   If you have the least OCD, do NOT Google the lyrics to Number 9 or you may be also afflicted with this sticky meme.  (But if you are anywhere near my age, you would already be familiar with all this.)

The Number 9 bus is perhaps the most storied route in London, its origins going back to 1856.  The route is run by London United and goes between Hammersmith bus station and Aldwych, along Kensington High street, past the palace of the same name, Hyde Park, Royal Albert Hall and Piccadilly Circus.

Of course, the red double-decker bus is synonymous with London. The style has become sleeker over the years but the basic “hop on, hop off” design remains the same.

It was fun to take a ride.

London Buses on Kensington Street

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One thought on “Number 9

  1. Rosemary

    December 29, 2018 at 1:22pm

    Nice!!! Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your granddaughter’s participation in the parade. 😊

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