winter morning in the grand tetons

Sunrise view of the Grand Tetons near Kelly, Wyoming

There was a bit of dread in my mid-south self about rolling out of bed on this mid-January day into the 10-degree cold.  We were going to try for some sunrise shots of the Tetons and a guide would meet us at our bed and breakfast at 7:15.  Expecting the worst, I went armed with options for snow pants, four kinds of gloves, hand-warming packs, ski masks, headlamps and various kinds of headgear.  Marcy was much more sensible, and as it turned out, the gear was all for naught.  When I saw this scene, I bolted out of the vehicle without hat or glove then down the frozen lane to set up because the great light was just seconds from fading. We might try this same shot again tomorrow to see if we can do better,  but I am pretty satisfied with these results. 

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One thought on “winter morning in the grand tetons

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      Douglas Wielfaert

      January 16, 2021 at 10:22pm

      Thanks, Melanie!

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  1. Jackie Zelickman

    January 14, 2021 at 11:18pm

    Awesome shot! I love the pinks and golds.

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