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The technology behind our photography galleries is a company called Pixels which is the world’s largest art marketplace and print-on-demand technology company.  It is a secure shopping host and fulfills each order on behalf of photographers like Marcy and me – taking care of the printing, framing, matting, packaging, shipping and collecting payments from the buyers. Each product is manufactured at one of 14 global production facilities and delivered “ready-to-hang” with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

We would love for you to purchase a print or digital image from us, but we do covet your input even more.  Liking, favoriting and commenting on the images in our galleries help expose our work to a wider audience on the Pixels system and we also get a better idea of what might be popular.

We have set up the individual custom links below.  Thank you for taking a few moments to check us out.

www.marcysphotography.com – click on the image below to explore Marcy’s collection

Click on Marcy’s picture to visit her online store

www.dougwphotography.com – click on the image below to explore Doug’s collection

Click on Doug’s picture to visit his online store

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