To the observation that everyone speaks English in Switzerland — maybe, but not our acronyms, like ATM for example.  We heard that the ATMs in Swiss train stations exchanged at bank rates and housed most any service you needed, so we launched out to find the train station.  It was supposed to be very nearby, but nevertheless, we found ourselves to be profoundly disoriented. (It was probably more a profound lack of sleep.)  First, we stumbled into a university administration building. “Excuse me, miss, where can we find an ATM?”  (Perplexed look and shaking of the head.) Next, we found our way to the post office… the same question, stern public servant look, much pointing and waving.  However, this time we were actually headed in the general direction of the train station and found a genuine, secure, Swiss ATM.   We were in business, ready to make our first purchase. Two cups of coffee set us back $9.15 US or CHF 8.40 (Swiss Francs). But this was vacation money after all,  and yes, Switzerland can be very expensive for some things, but not all.  By the way, the German-Swiss term for ATM is Bancomat or Bankomat.


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