Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day and The Cliffs of Mohr

I went through my portfolio of Ireland pictures in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and I came up with such a random collection of scenes and subjects that I figured I would serve up posts in several batches throughout the day.   Come back and see the rest of the posts,  I promise not to overserve.  You too can make this trip!  We first went to Ireland in 2014 and absolutely fell in love with the people and the place. The Emerald Island is small but complicated. – Counties very much maintain their own identities and rivalries and there are a lot of different destinations ranging from Giant’s Causeway in the United Kingdom North to the very Irish Knock Shrine in County Mayo to Blarney Castle, County Cork in the Republic South. In no particular order, I present some of our favorite scenes, starting with the Cliffs of Mohr in County Galway.  

I lead with a cautionary sign, set along the cliff trail.   I am pretty well beset with a number of fears, and I am famous in my family for displaying an extreme fear of falling, but I come by it honestly – Probably because in my first high school job, I fell off a roof and landed on a fence, but that is another story.


No!  Please people, get away from the edge.


The cautionary sign every present in my mind, I crouch way too close, but the shot beckons…


It is HARD to get a good shot of the Cliffs of Mohr.   The weather has not cooperated on the two occasions we have been here and it is difficult to capture the breathtaking beauty.   I think Marcy has some better shots, but I will leave that exercise up to her. 


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One thought on “Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day and The Cliffs of Mohr

  1. sgeoil

    March 17, 2018 at 9:13am

    Stunning! Some similarities to the Newfoundland Coast.

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