The last days of our Italy trip ended with Marcy and I contracting a virus. More on that later, but the after-effects lasted until just a few days ago.  We had visions of blogging and sharing stories of our trip, but we just weren’t up to it until now.   I can’t believe that it took us so long to bounce back.  Through our coughing and sniffling, we at least had the comfort of fondly remembering all of our adventures and the wonderful people who were part of our group. 

We start our story with the YouTube video below, featuring highlights of our boat tour to the little town of Bellagio. Situated at a historically strategic site where Lake Como forks to the east and west, this village exudes charm, even on a dark, rainy day.  The Romans were here as early as 225 BC and there were identifiable inhabitants 200 years before that time.  From the ferry dock, stepped streets lined with shops lead to the town center high above the lake.  We have hopes of producing one or two of these videos each week until we run out of material or enthusiasm, which ever comes first.

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