May 2017 Kaleidoscope of France Tour – Gate1

The blog title is the punch line to an old joke, but I won’t even go there right now.   Meanwhile,  it is Friday night and we find ourselves back in Paris at the Marriott Rive Gauche.   A number of people have joined our tour and the itinerary has us visiting a restaurant in the Latin Quarter.  We figured this was our chance to try some classic French food.  I had no idea that escargot are little green slimy blobs. They were quite tasty though. Marcy had frog legs.

Afterward, we walked to Notre Dame for sunset and the Metro back to the hotel with plenty of chances to interact with the locals in French. “Je ne comprends pas” I tell the guy talking to me in French on the subway. “Well why not?”, he replies in perfect English. I give up …

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