Even though it has been two months since the last Switzerland post, we still want to blog the entire trip.  During the last eight weeks, we took time to learn a new video editing system, improve photo editing skills and learn how to use several supporting software tools.  We hope the viewing experience is better.  You may have noticed that these blog posts do not appear in chronological sequence.  Instead, we just followed our noses in the production process as we thought about our favorite experiences.  Since we are taking some time off from work for Christmas, we hope we can finish and move on to some other travel projects.

Today’s YouTube multimedia blog takes us from Lucerne to Interlaken.  This segment of our trip starts in Central Switzerland, which is home to the legend of  William Tell and takes us across the Brünig pass to the eastern Bernese Oberland Region near Interlaken.  A later post will cover the city of Berne.


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