Yvoire, France

Technology has thwarted us a bit lately, but we remain committed to the task of blogging our summer trip. The YouTube videos you have seen so far are courtesy of Microsoft Movie Maker, but I am in a remote location and my laptop does not have the graphics capacity that Microsoft requires. I finally found a nice (and inexpensive) app called MovAVI that seems to work very well, especially with creating slideshows. I say MovAVI seems to work well because it lost about 6 hours of editing, even after saving my work every few minutes (apparently the save button does not work). Facebook friends may have seen some of these pictures, but this is the finished product for this leg of the trip.

The clip below is about eight minutes long and is mostly still pictures and music with a bit of interlaced video. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I had making it. (You can click the “expand” icon in the lower right to go full screen.)

(Youtube Video Below)

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