With no activity for so long, you might have figured we gave up our multimedia posting effort.  I thought this would be an easy one:  gather the few pictures we had of Château de Chillon and have a slideshow up in a day or so, but many hours of work and a month elapsed and we are finally ready.  Once we dug in, I realized that there was a whole list of things that we needed to learn: everything from Adobe LightRoom and Photoshop, to ambient sound layering and even copyright law.   I spent a couple evenings just searching for the recorded sound of a Swiss Federal Railways train and the ambient sound of Swiss birds (do they have citizenship?) chirping in the region we were in.  Believe it or not,  is a whole Web site dedicated to such things.  I will do a “making of …” post sometime soon for anyone interested in the technical underpinnings.  Meanwhile, I hope you like the finished product.  It was a satisfying effort.  I want to express special thanks to Chip Sloan, who was one of our tour group.  Chip is an accomplished photographer and we used a number of his images in this effort.  (Look for credits on the shots that are his.)

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