We always try and keep Marcy’s commitment to healthy eating in mind, so before we came here we decided to check out Italian grocery stores. This led us to a YouTube video on fruit and vegetable purchasing protocol. The short summary is “Don’t a Touch!” In large chains, we were told that you will find gloves provided, and with smaller stores, you are to ask for a quantity and the grocer will select for you. Further, you are to bag, weigh and label your own produce. The video said that otherwise, you would risk the wrath of the checkout clerk and the patrons behind you. We discovered a Carrefore market a few blocks from our hotel and sure enough, the requisite gloves were tucked away above the scale. The sign said ” Attacca qui l’etichetta sbagilata” a poor Google Translate mobile app version said that meant “Attacks the wrong label here”. That translation was about right for us. We had to match the signs with what we bought and hoped we pressed the correct item number on the scale. We did well though. Some smiling, friendly gestures and we made it out the door with our treasures just fine.

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