We are on the bus and it is a long ride to from Venice to Lucca. While I am still feeling the effects of the morning cappuccino, I figured I would do some blogging. Unfortunately, I could not come up with an eye-grabbing headline. The weather has been mostly perfecto… Our first tour day morning excursion to Bellagio though might have been likened to the Biblical account of the Apostles on stormy Lake Gallile. Thunder, lightning and a boat tossed to and fro, but the show must go on and off we sailed with Julio at the helm all the while making wisecracks in Italian. The rain did make for some interesting pictures though. By afternoon the weather had cleared and the high wind even caused creaking sounds on our big hotel. Blustery weather notwithstanding, we felt like we needed to get out and squeeze everything we could from our afternoon, so we ventured out around Como for a bit. We were still tired from the trip over and just couldn’t muster the energy for touring … So the funicular, the cathedral and other sites will have to wait. Today is Thursday, four days in and the weather since then has been perfect 70s and blue skies.

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