Today, I write this blog entry from our favorite place, Prince Edward Island.  The skies are dark and somewhat brooding right now and the wind is blowing off the North Atlantic.  However, we know that soon the clouds will thin, revealing a north latitude powder blue sky with a sweet clean smell, one that evoked our daughter Rachel to say on her first visit here, “Drink it in, Marilla”, which is a line from the “Anne of Green Gables” series that is set  here on PEI.
This is our 16th trip. Twenty years ago, in the midst of career and the daily stress of life, Marcy and I both needed a vacation to recharge from weeks of hard work and the many responsibilities of life.  Then it was our 25th anniversary year, and the Canadian Maritimes sounded wonderful and exotic.  Rachel’s “Drink, it in, Marilla,” line from Anne of Green Gables did play a part, because we had watched the series a few times, and we started wanting to experience what we saw. With AAA tour book in hand we planned our trip, ultimately arriving here via the Woods Island car ferry and greeted by rolling fields of potato as far as the eye could see.   We were delighted.   It didn’t take long to discover that just beneath the potato surface,  PEI had many, many more wonderful layers… although, freshly dug PEI new potatoes are a glorious experience in themselves.  
While we are here on the Island, I will write more to describe some of our favorite experiences, places and events.

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