Seafood for Breakfast

Before starting work, we decided to head to Stanhope for sunrise pictures. Glad that the sun didn’t cooperate because we turned our attention to the blue herons who were feeding in the bay. We managed to fill more than one memory card.

Marcy was stationed about 200 yards up the bay and her heron was more of a dud. He just stood in the water – not much interested in fishing. Every once in a while, I would hear Marcy loudly call “Woo-hoo” trying to startle him into some sort of action. Didn’t work…

About every five minutes, my little heron buddy would snag another fish.  Usually, these birds are very easy to spook and fly away. Perhaps he was intent on feeding because I was able to sneak up within a few feet.   He was just three feet from the shoreline.

We finally made noise and waved our hands and our friend flew off, only to circle back to his same fishing spot a few minutes later.

Here is my little friend in context. This is the  Stanhope community, which is one of the prettiest places on PEI.

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