New London Harbour on a pleasant September evening


“The Spectacle before us was indeed Sublime”
– A Trip To Venus, John Munro, (1897)

A technical task brings to mind a pleasant memory

I love the ornate language that John Munro used here.   I had never heard of his book “A Trip to Venus”, but I suppose it has gained some fame because it is featured as boilerplate in Google’s typography samples.  During the design of our blog,  I made many digital trips to to review and choose a font for our blog text.  Each font had some text samples and “The Spectacle before us was indeed Sublime” kept appearing.  John’s phrase described the view as his rocketship descended toward the Planet Venus, but in my one mind,  I could not help but be drawn to this most pleasant scene on New London Harbour, Prince Edward Island, Canada.   We have actually been trying to get this shot for years – we needed just the right light, a perfect calm and all the boats to be in their places.   On this night, “The spectacle before us was indeed sublime.” 

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