Black Bear

It had been a long day at work and I arrived home tired. I did have a list of yard chores to get to, but Marcy had planned on going to Cades Cove for evening pictures, so I decided to forsake home tasks and ride along. Our outing was pleasant. The weather had been about perfect all week and this evening was no exception. We had a quick picnic supper along Sparks Lane and then set off around the rest of the loop road. My idea was to hang around until after dark and attempt some long-exposure shots of fireflies to duplicate what I had seen one person post on social media the night before. I set up at the Dan Lawson Place around 8:00 PM and there were already many people in lawn chairs and pulled off along the road, apparently hoping for the same thing. My firefly pictures were a bust (We left too early). but I did finally get a decent head on shot of a bear. We’ll do some research and try again.

See any fireflies?  No, too much light, probably wrong lens as well. 

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