This is a bit of a bait-and-switch because I will talk more about wildlife than barns.   Our recent obsession has been trying to capture the image of a fox leaping in the air to pounce on prey hidden in the sagebrush and deep snow.  All we needed to do was find a hungry fox roaming through the hundreds of square miles of the park and be within camera distance.  The great news is that our photography guide, Mike Jackson, knew precisely where THE fox hung out, so we have been lurking around during early morning and mid-afternoon to try and see her.  We did get some nice shots, and she did do a pouncing routine this morning (According to the people next to us with binoculars) but we were out of camera range!  Of the many shots I took, I felt fortunate that my focus sensor managed to get a clear shot of her face.   After we finished our fox hunting, we took the recommendation of our guide about some great barn locations.   The light snow gave us painterly images like this.

Landscape image of Barn
The Lucas Barn Near Jackson, Wyoming


On a cold January day, a fox searches for food in the Antelope Flats area of Grand Teton National Park



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