I’ve still have a regular day job, so rolling out of bed before 5 AM on Saturday is a bit taxing, but the promise of adventure and the notion of getting a new image or two for our galleries usually gets some adrenaline pumping.  This morning my feet hit the floor without too much grumbling.  Marcy had already been awake for an hour and was just giving me some time extra time to sleep.   Our plan for the day was to head west to the Cumberland Plateau to see if there was any fall color.  The weather forecast called for clouds early with clearing by mid-morning, so we thought we might have some decent light.  We managed to get out the door by 6 AM with our first stop an hour later at Cumberland Mountain State Park in Crossville. 

Cumberland Mountain has a small lake with a beautiful 1930’s era Civilian Conservation Corps bridge which is crafted out of the world famous Crab Orchard Sandstone quarried nearby.  During leaf season, the pond, the bridge and the trees make a lovely scene,  so I hoped to get that shot.  Unfortunately, conditions were just not right – there was no leaf color and it was too cloudy, so we decided to try Fall Creek Falls State Park which about 30 miles west near Cookville.   On the way, we did find an old barn that looked promising, but the farmer showed up with a mowing machine and we had to leave his field prematurely. 

Fall Creek Falls was also cloudy,  we found very little water coming over the falls and the trees had very little color.  Regardless of less than ideal pictures, it was still a good day.- Middle Tennessee is a very lovely place any time of the year.   

Here is a gallery of what we came up with.   I did manage to get one panorama of the Falls where I stitched together 20 individual shots to make one big composite. The arched bridge at Cumberland Mountain State Park was shot by Marcy – mine were out of focus. 

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Cumberland Mountain State Park
Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee
Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee
Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee
Old Barn near Bon Air, Tennessee


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