Rainbow Row is difficult to shoot!

Located on East Bay Street in Charleston, South Carolina, Rainbow Row is a stretch of 13 Georgian-style row homes painted in bright pastels.  The area is a must-see for visitors, where architecture, colors, flower boxes wrought-iron accents and balconies combine for a great scene.  However, capturing a wide street view all but impossible. Construction dumpsters, vehicles, pedestrians, shadows, and wall signs dash any notion of a clean shot.  While doing so research for our visit, I read someone’s opinion that such views are best left to painters who can imagine the view without cars and obstructions.    Mine is the shot directly below.   Next is a rough raw shot of what we were dealing with and finally, Marcy’s creations.  No dumpsters, signs or cars! 

My best attempt at shooting Charleston’s Rainbow Row

Traffic was light on the morning we visited, so we camped on Bay Street to try and get a good shot.

Marcy is capturing her shot of Charleston’s Rainbow Row

More than four hours of work later, Marcy comes up with a clean rendering of Rainbow Row.  


I think this one of Marcy’s came out well.

Charleston South Carolina Rainbow Row Street Scene, Marcy Wielfaert

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