Hunting Island Boneyard Beach

A “Boneyard beach” is the popular term for the driftwood or weathered remains of shoreline trees that have fallen from an eroding maritime forest. They are often strewn like a sculpture of limbs as they gradually wash into the ocean. We visited Hunting Island State Park near Beaufort, South Carolina yesterday and found just such a place. 

We figured that we had seen enough of the area, and on the way to the car we met a park ranger.  Marcy asked what there might be for photographers and he showed us to a nearby path, telling us that a half-mile ahead was a nice boneyard beach.  We had to brave a swarm of mosquitos as we traveled through the swamp seen below, but the destination was worth it.   I had to do quite a bit of processing to isolate this particular tree, but I thought it made a nice image.

Boneyard Beach at Hunting Island


The swampy trail toward the Hunting Island boneyard beach.


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