Avenue of Oaks

On a whim, Marcy declared that we should turn down a particular side road off US 21 near Beaufort, South Carolina.  “I have a photographer nudge,” she said.  What?  “A photographer nudge, is my word for intuition about directions for a potential shot.  Coffin Point Road sounds like such a place.”  I complied and we came upon the Coffin Plantation which sat at the end of a half-mile “Avenue of Oaks”.    You can read more about the coffin plantation at this  Wikipedia link.

We parked our car along the road and got lots of shots in both directions.

I’ll be listening closely for more “Photographer Nudges” from Marcy.

Road Sign at Coffin Plantation
The Coffin Plantation
Oak Canopy along the aptly named road “Avenue of Oaks”

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