Traveling north of 60 …

Photography aside, Marcy and I enjoyed our spring outing along Rainbow Row, and I think this dog did as well. The shot of him might be my favorite of the morning.

Rainbow Row is the name for a series of thirteen colorful historic houses in Charleston, South Carolina. Located along East Bay Street, this area represents the longest cluster of Georgian row houses in the United States. Because of the unique pastel colors, the buildings are a popular tourist destination and a favorite subject for artists and photographers.

We gave Rainbow Row a photoshoot try last fall, and I think Marcy came away with some decent images. But the street is usually crammed with tourists, parked vehicles and construction equipment. Therefore, I found it very hard to get a good image here. More about that lament at this link and below showing what I mean about cars and dumpsters.

Another try at shooting Rainbow Row was on the agenda for a spring trip to Charleston, but pedestrians, dumpsters and vehicles were even more present this time.

Undaunted, we stood on the street dodging traffic trying every angle possible. A few hundred shots later, I finally settled on the image below as my favorite. This one is not too different from what I captured last fall, but I think the angle is better. I treated this version of the image with just a hint of a painterly effect to bring out the colors.

Here is my favorite image from our shoot

The view below of Charleston’s Rainbow Row is what we encountered on our last two trips. I haven’t lost hope for the perfect shot.

See Marcy’s and my finished Rainbow Row images below!







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