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From the Web – “During the blue “hour“, red light passes through space while blue light is scattered in the atmosphere, and thus reaches Earth’s surface. Blue hour usually lasts about 20–30 minutes right after sunset and right before sunrise. For instance, if the sun sets at 6:30 p.m., blue hour would occur from 6:40 p.m. to 7 p.m.”

Marcy and I love to capture images in these evening and morning blue hour periods, and photography aside, we certainly all enjoy this time of evening. When we visited Charleston’s Waterfront Park on a late March evening blue hour, it was warm enough for insects to begin trying out their songs, and in the stillness, the voices of people became clearer as they walked along the promenade. Across the harbor, we could see the lights of the Ravenel Bridge began reflecting on the Cooper River, then above us, little bats appeared. I suppose that they were feasting on the bloom of mosquitos that plagued us everywhere we went.

An extended cold snap had pushed the azalea flowers back at least 10 days, so we missed that photography goal, but there were still plenty of beautiful scenes to enjoy here. The image below is the Splash Fountain located near the intersection of Vendue Range and Concord Street captured about 30 minutes after sunset.

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