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Congratulations to Marcy whose artwork shown below was selected by the Knoxville Cultural Alliance for inclusion in the “Arts in the Airport” Exhibition. Of the 484 entries, forty-one were selected to be displayed for sale in the Knoxville McGee Tyson Airport for the next six months. Marcy’s entry entitled “Forgotten in Elkmont” is part of a shoot she did a couple of years ago on a day when the Park Service was just beginning restoration and demolition work of the Elkmont buildings. I am sure she will be showcasing her entire Elkmont collection on our websites in the near future.

From Marcy’s description of the image:

“Elkmont is a region situated in the upper Little River Valley of the Great Smoky Mountains of Sevier County, Tennessee. Throughout its history, the valley has been home to a pioneer Appalachian community, a logging town, and a resort community. I find the story of this particular community both interesting and haunting. Like many places that have come and gone, there’s a certain sadness and nostalgia associated with the telling. Today, Elkmont is home to a large campground, ranger station, and historic district maintained by the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. However, due to recent budget limitations, much of it has now been demolished. Those who once enjoyed this retreat, tucked away in one of the most beautiful places in our land, are no longer around to tell the tales of summer days in the creeks and cabins with family and friends. It is my hope that my photos will keep just a bit of Elkmont cherished and remembered.”

A view from within a rustic cabin which was part of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains Elkmont Community, now part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  A empty rough-hewn table sits alone in room with a low beadboard ceiling, lit by bright light streaming through windows obscured by what has to be decades of grime.  Through multiple doorways ahead we see more empty rooms, where walls of yellow and green pastel planks of varying widths add notes of melancholy charm.
“Forgotten in Elkmont” An abandoned cabin in the Elkmont Community which is now a part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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