Wandering in Bonaventure Cemetery


I wondered how I might describe the whole of the beautiful Bonaventure Cemetery located near Savannah, Georgia, but I would invite you to just visit Wikipedia via the highlighted link to learn the story.

I will probably post several entries covering this wonderful place because there are so many dimensions.

I will start with the story of Little Gracie Watson who died of pneumonia at the age of six in the year 1889 and has one of the most famous graves here. Her only claim to fame was that she was often seen at the downtown hotel where her father worked.   The rising sculptor, John Walz, arrived in town soon after her death and learning of Gracie’s story, crafted a beautiful marble statue from photographs. The beautiful statue has become a must-see stop for those who visit.

Notice the penny and the small pebbles on the fence. Read about the long tradition of leaving coins or stones on a grave



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