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I  declared in a recent post that  Portugal had my heart, but I think I will just change that to Iberia in general because Spain has a lot to love as well.  On our visit to the Alhambra Sunday, we were treated to some traditional Tuna music.  Let’s take a quick trip to Wikipedia:

tuna is a group of university students in traditional university dress who play traditional instruments and sing serenades. The tradition originated in Spain and Portugal in the 13th century as a means of students to earn money or food. Nowadays students don’t belong to a “tuna” for money nor food, but seeking to keep a tradition alive, for fun, to travel a lot and to meet new people from other universities. A senior member of a tuna is a “tunante”, but is usually known simply as a “tuno”. The newbies are known as “caloiros”.

The men and women I have seen in Tuna groups seemed to be a bit past university age, but there is no complaint.  I suppose the East Tennessee equivalent of a Tuna would be a local bluegrass band,   Scroll down to check out the YouTube video I found – this music will certainly make you want to visit Spain.

We are treated to a Tuna serenade at the Alhambra


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